The iPro Consortium has deveoped 14 modules, that integrate in the Digital Media and Arts Studies Model Curricula proposed by the partners. These modules are: 

– Mobile Marketing (IADT, Irlanda)

– Project Communication Management (IADT, Irlanda)               

 – Mobile Digital Audio Production (Telecentar, Croatia)

 – Mobile Digital Photography (Telecentar, Croatia)

– Mobile Digital Video Production (Telecentar, Croatia)

– Data Visualization (ActiveWatch, Romania)

– Automated Data Collection (ActiveWatch, Romania)

– Entrepreneurial role (IPS, Bulgaria)

– Web Technologies For Animation Design in 2D and 3D (IPS, Bulgaria)

 – Project Planning for Quality and Risk Management (TUCEP, Italy)

– Project Team for Quality and Risk Management (TUCEP, Italy)

– Intellectual Property Rights: Introduction(ATiT, Belgium)

– Digital Cultures and Development for Creative Practice (ULO, Poland)

– Computer Games (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania)

Detailed information about each of these modules cand be found here. If you are interested in any of these modules, please contact us.
More information about the project here and here and here.

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0